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Winter Selection

Urn Inserts

                   I started Designs in Bloom over a decade ago out of a passion to create gorgeous and abundant floral designs. I’ve always made it my goal to go above and beyond in anything I design and these winter urn inserts are no exception. Each urn insert is designed in keeping with the same high standards Designs in Bloom is known for. That means the greens are sourced to be the freshest, best quality available. These designs are LARGE*, FULL and ALL sided. No matter where your urn is viewed from, it should look great! (No more looking at your urns from inside or behind and seeing a bare backside! Bare backsides should be inside cozying up to the fire!)

These urn inserts are long lasting and should last right up until you’re sick of winter and waiting to see if Wiarton Willy (is he still around?) is announcing whether spring is around the corner. (For the best longevity, I suggest you water your urn like you would a plant if temperatures are consistently above freezing. Once we’re in the thick of it and nightly lows are below freezing and your urn is good and frozen, no need to water it). Also, I suggest taking the ornaments out after the holiday season, leaving a classic winter arrangement.

*It’s hard to tell scale of these urns from the photos. They are at least 2.5 times the size that you would typically see as standard at the grocery store as an example. Because of this, they may not fit easily in a smaller vehicle/car. A delivery option is available.

Layers of fresh greenery (Cedar, silver fir, douglas fir, boxwood and magnolia) red dogwood as well as pine cones.

$89 each (plus HST)

NOTE: The price is for the urn INSERT only. The urn inserts are designed in an approx. 11” black pail insert which can sit directly on your porch/patio, but it is highly recommended you place these inside an urn or planter.

Urn Insert with Red Dogwood
Traditional Winter Wreath

24" Traditional winter wreath

$85 (plus HST)

24" Woodland citrus and cinnamon wreath (YUM!!)


$85 (plus HST)

Woodland Citrus and Cinnamon Wreath
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